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Covid-19 Update

We're following government guidelines throughout our supply chain to keep our amazing workers and customers safe at this time. Our distribution network is busier than ever right now trying to ensure that you receive your beer and gifts in a timely manner.

Deliveries & Orders

How will my order be delivered?

Your Drop Bear alcohol free beer orders will always be delivered for free and within 48 working hours with our chosen courier; DPD. Your Drop Bear merchandise orders will always be delivered for free and within 48 working hours with the Royal Mail. Orders placed before 12pm will be processed and shipped the same working day, orders placed after 12pm will be processed on the next working day.

You will receive an email from us when your order is on it’s way - this includes a link to track your parcel so you can monitor your Drop Bear order as it travels to you.

Due to the current pandemic and extreme volumes our warehouse and couriers are experiencing, there may be some disruption in the delivery service. Please allow up to 7 working days to receive your entire order, allowing you extra time to prepare for those awesome Drop Bear vibes! 

My order hasn't arrived within the expected delivery timescale, what do I do?

If you do not receive your Drop Bear order within 2 working days of receipt of your ‘out for delivery’ email please firstly use the tracking link included on the email to check your parcel with the courier. If your Drop Bear order seems to have an issue please contact us with your order number and details on hello@dropbearbeers.com at your earliest opportunity and we will rectify for you!

My Drop Bear order has been dropped in transit! My order is now damaged, what do I do?

Oh no! Working with busy couriers and glass means that sometimes accidents can happen and damages can occur. If your order has not been delivered by the courier due to damage in transit, or if your order appears to be damaged on opening please email us on hello@dropbearbeers.com with the details and we shall organise for a replacement to be shipped to you the next working day. 

If part or all of your Drop Bear Beer order appears to be damaged when opening, please be very careful to avoid any broken glass as shards may remain and can be very difficult to see on intact bottles. We recommend you dispose of all bottles in the original packaging, even if only a few are damaged to avoid any injury. Drop Bear Beer Co. do not take responsibility for any injuries which occur if damaged in transit or on opening.

Gift Cards

Is there an expiry date on your Gift Cards?

Drop Bear Gift Cards expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Will I receive a Gift Card through the post?

Drop Bears love our planet and only provide Gift Cards electronically, sent to you via email immediately after your order is placed.

How do I know the balance on my Gift Card?

Unsure how much is on your Gift Card? Email your name and the purchaser’s name to hello@dropbearbeers.com and we will provide you with your balance.

Can I add to the balance / reload my Gift Card?

Our Drop Bear Gift Cards are for single use only and cannot be added to.

If your Gift Cards are electronic, how do I pass on the gift?

When you purchase a Drop Bear Gift Card it will be emailed directly to you. We recommend forwarding this email to the intended recipient. Alternatively,  you can click the link in the email to ‘view gift card’ and provide the code (for example, written in a Birthday Card) for your recipient to use on their online order.


I want to provide you with feedback, who shall I contact?

We love receiving feedback about our products and brand and respond to every email we receive! Please email us on hello@dropbearbeers.com and one of the Drop Bear Team will come back to you within 2 working days.

I'm a retailer and would like to stock your beer! How can I do this?

Awesome! We stock our delicious and crafty beers in multiple wholesalers and online retailers across the UK and beyond! You can find the full list here: www.dropbearbeers.com/where-to-buy/ or for bespoke orders please email sales@dropbearbeers.com and we’ll endeavour to deliver the Drop Bear vibes you need!

I have a question which isn’t answered in your FAQs - who shall I contact?

Team Drop Bear is here to help! Email us on hello@dropbearbeers.com and we will come back to you within 2 working days (although usually much sooner!). 


Are Drop Bear Beers gluten free?

Yes! Despite our beers being brewed with gluten containing ingredients; malted barley, wheat, and oats, we use Brewer's Clarex during our brewing process to ensure all of our beers are gluten-free.  Here’s the scientific bit: 

Brewer’s Clarex is an enzyme that degrades the epitopes on the antigen which causes the immune response known as Celiac disease. By degrading the responsible epitopes, the antigen is rendered harmless because there is no longer anything to interact with the human immune system. This process doesn’t affect the taste of our beers; say hello to your new beer besties.

We test each of our beers after being brewed and can confirm the gluten content is under 10ppm in each bottle as sold. By UK and European law, foods and beverages must contain less than 20ppm to be classified as gluten-free and therefore, all of our beers are well within the gluten-free guidelines.

Are Drop Bear Beers vegan?

Yes, they are! Many other alcohol-free brewers will add ingredients such as lactose to the brewing process - not us! All of our beers are vegan and brewed with 100% natural ingredients.

Are Drop Bear Beers sugar free?

Drop Bears don't like it too sweet and enjoy nothing more than a low sugar beverage! Our beers are brewed with natural ingredients only; we do not add any nasty artificial ingredients (such as maltodextrin) or sugar (such as lactose) which can commonly be found in other low/no alcohol beverages. Our beers do contain carbohydrates and therefore, natural sugars only. 

Each beer's sugar content is naturally low and varies between 0.33g and 6.6g per bottle, please check each individual beer's nutritional information for exact sugar quantities. 

Are all Drop Bear Beers alcohol-free?

It's official, we brew beer traditionally and all without alcohol. Each of our beers contains less than 0.5% ABV - to put that into perspective for you, that’s the same ABV content as a ripe banana!

We are a specialist, award winning brewer of non-alcoholic beers, dropping the alcohol, perfecting the craft.


How do I create a subscription?

Signing up for a Drop Bear subscription is simple! When adding the beer(s) of your choice to your cart from our online shop select 'Subscribe & Save 10%' instead of 'One-time purchase' and choose your frequency, e.g. deliver every 3 weeks, then simply click 'Add to Cart'. Repeat this for each of our beers you wish to receive!

Why subscribe?

Creating a Drop Bear subscription comes with many fantastic benefits! Firstly, you'll receive 10% off your order, every order.

It's super convenient! No more manual orders, you can arrange to have your favourite beers automatically ordered and shipped to you as often as you like. 

Order more than 12 bottles a month or 24 every 2 months and you'll automatically join our Drop Bear Rewards Scheme! Rewarding you with free gifts and exclusive discounts for being an amazing advocate of Drop Bear.

Can I pause or amend my subscription? If so, how do I do this?

You have the control and flexibility to pause, skip, edit, and manage your upcoming orders, including swapping or adding products and changing the frequency. 

You can make changes to your subscription at any time through your account. Simply log in and select 'manage subscriptions'. Alternatively, email us hello@dropbearbeers.com and we will complete any amendments on your behalf.

If you qualify for our Rewards Scheme you can pause your subscription for up to 8 weeks and remain in the scheme. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Drop Bear Beer account or by emailing us hello@dropbearbeer.com . You also have the option to pause and amend your subscription.

How do I resume a subscription that I have paused?
You can resume your subscription at any time through the 'manage subscriptions' function on your account. Alternatively, email us hello@dropbearbeers.com and we'll be happy to help! 
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